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Bri's January Picks

Bri's January Picks

New Year

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Bri's January Pick of the Month

Bri's January Picks

Bri has picked four favourites for this January. All very versatile and open ended, just as you like it. Our January pics will inspire kids to play, create and dream. Fantastic for all abilities and most ages. Let’s dive right in.

Our January Line Up

Bri's January Pick of the Month

Here’s our January stars:

  1. Magnetic Tiles 110 piece set by Learn & Grow
  2. Express Way 16 Pieces by Way To Play 
  3. Building Pebble Set in Box A4 Cards by EDX Education
  4. Ziptou Wooden Game by Djeco

Magnetic Tiles 110 piece set by Learn & Grow

Nothing really compares to magnetic building. This extensively versatile play simply never gets old. It suits almost every age and it’s so engaging even adults eagerly join in. 

After years of using magnetic tiles as an educator, Bri knew firsthand what makes up a good magnetic tile set. Last year she embarked on the journey of creating her own product Learn & Grow Toys. Thanks to her expertise, Learn & Grow tiles have taken the world by storm. Its quality and performance put them on the wishlists around the world in a record time.

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles - 110 piece set

We’ve selected the larger 110 tile set because it’s building capabilities are almost endless. It also includes the car base! The tiles come in the mix of colours and shapes in each box. 

You can grow it even further by adding additional sets or our Learn & Grow ball run. They are also compatible with most of the brands you might already have. 

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles - 110 piece set

We’ve recently improved the tiles surface and structure by adding more magnets. Learn & Grow tiles are so fun, we believe everyone should have a set (or a few). Still have questions? Read our FAQ page here.

Express Way 16 Pieces by Way To Play

This set has been proved to be everyone’s strong favourite. It is suitable for all ages and consists of 16 road parts. Express Way set is perfect for imaginative play as it allows kids to create their own circuits and road maps. It can be used with any for their favourite toys and vehicles.

Way To Play Express Way - 16 Pieces

This is a great base set to build on as you add and expand your roads in the future.

Way To Play Express Way - 16 Pieces

The set is so durable it can be used on almost any surface indoors or outdoors. Use it in your water play at the beach, shower or bath. Wipe it clean or even load it in your dishwasher and it will look as good as new.

Building Pebble Set in Box A4 Cards by EDX Education

You’ll have lots of fun with this colourful pebble set. From construction to early mathematics. It’s fantastic for developing fine motor skills, learning counting, sorting and even creative design.

The Rainbow Pebbles were recognised with a 3rd Prize on 2020 BlogOn Toy Awards by parent influencers who are used to putting toys to the test.

Building Pebble Set in Box A4 Cards

The smooth pebbles offer a calming tactile experience, and the bright colors visually stimulate younger children. Kids can match the pebbles pieces to what’s shown on the activity cards or explore with the pieces and build however they want. 

Building Pebble Set in Box A4 Cards

With parent participation, these pebbles can be used as a tool to help with color recognition, sorting, sequencing, and more.

On their own, kids can explore the feel of the pebbles and how the pebbles can be arranged, which helps develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking. Check more activities ideas here.

Ziptou Wooden Game by DJECO

This game teaches kids to learn everyday skills by using three sweet animals. Master the skills of buttoning, snapping, zipping and unzipping. Perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Djeco Ziptou Wooden Game

Learning these skills will help kids to get dressed themselves. As a result this will increase confidence, independence and a sense of achievement.

The game consists of three animals wrapped up in the colourful coats who need help. Bear needs to be buttoned up, the leopard's coat needs to be snapped closed and the raccoon's jacket needs to be zipped closed. A really helpful hand on game which is really fun at the same time.

Djeco Ziptou Wooden Game
We hope you enjoyed our January picks. Tag us @thecreativetoyshop to show us your play ideas and play spaces. We’re so glad that you are playing, learning and growing with us!

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