Best toy picks of the month

Bri's February Pick of the Month

Bri's February Pick of the Month

The month of February is here and Bri has picked her favourite items from the shop to inspire hours and hours of learning through play. As you know, there are so many incredible brands, it can be easy for some gems to hide. Check out February must haves for your creative play spaces.Bri's pick of the month


Bri’s February picks of the Month

Bri's pick of the month

Our February favourites are:

Wooden Dough Stampers by EDX Education

Dough play is more than just a play. It’s a satisfying sensory experience that makes even adults eagerly join in on dough playtime.

Dough play is a cornerstone of sensory play, but it also has many more benefits.
It helps to develop hand to eye coordination, fine motor skills, encourage exploration and foster confidence. Kids also playfully develop their self esteem by saying phrases like ‘I can do it’ and ‘I’m good at this’ while manipulating play dough creations.

Wooden Dough Stampers

Play dough stampers are of the easiest and funnest ways to play with dough, clay or sand. Bri has Picked EDX Education stampers for you to check out. These stampers are sturdy, robust and feature four different patterns. Add these stampers to your dough or clay and create an instant play toolkit. Use it for modelling dough and clay, making cookies, painting or even in the sandpit.

Gus the Giraffe Calf by CollectA

If you haven’t heard about collectA animals yet, this is the time! Start your collection with Gus the Giraffe. If you’re familiar with CollectA, Gus will be an incredibly cute addition to your animal kingdom.

CollectA - Gus the Giraffe Calf

Gus the Giraffe (and all CollectA animals in general) are a powerful tool to playfully teach kids about animals. These animal figures are brilliantly realistic up to the smallest detail.

Fun fact from Gus the giraffe: A giraffe’s spots are much like human fingerprints. No two individual giraffes have exactly the same pattern. Isn’t this amazing?!

CollectA - Gus the Giraffe Calf

Beehives by Plan Toys

Bring kids a little closer to nature and learn more about bees. These beehives are amazing for learning about bees habitat, diet, way of life and purpose.

Also, these beautiful wooden bees are a powerful tool for developing fine motor skills and a pincer grasp. Match the bees to the hives using the tweezers. Also a fantastic tool for color recognition and counting!

Plan Toys Beehives

The set includes six bees in various colors (red, purple, yellow, orange, green and blue) and matching hives for a realistic beehive environment. Plan Toys also consider every single step of their production by using sustainable materials and manufacturing.

PLAY Subscription Box by The Creative Toy Shop

Build your own collection of educational toys. These subscriptions are carefully curated every month by Bri herself. They are perfect to stimulate your kids imagination and inspire their creativity. The monthly shipment of educational toys is an incredible way to keep your kids engaged, entertained and excited.

PLAY Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great value. All the items in the monthly subscription are better priced in comparison to you buying them individually and once off. It can also be a lifesaver for last minute presents if you’re heading to a kid’s party.

You also won’t need to spend time choosing and ordering. We will pick our top favourites every month and deliver them right to your door. Each subscription contains 3-4 toys from our store and has a retail value of at least $80 (and often more). It’s designed for both girls and boys and you can choose between two age groups 0-2 or 3-5 years.

PLAY Subscriptions

Have fun learning, playing and growing this February. Tag us @thecreativetoyshop in your play pictures so we can share the fun times with you.

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