Layby Terms & Conditions

  1. Layby applies to all full-priced and marked-down items listed on the website.
  2. A  deposit of 20% is due at check out immediately on ordering. Any cancellations will incur a fee of $20 which will be taken from the initial deposit. Returns from a LAYBY order will be considered as cancellations which will be subject to the cancellation fee. Paying off a LAYBY and then asking for return will also be considered as cancellations which will be subjected to the cancellation fee. 
  3. Use the code "LAYBY" during checkout which will reduce the cart total to the 20% deposit. 
  4. A PayPal invoice will then be created for you (this can take up to 3 days from when you place the order as this is a manual process), which you will be able to access and pay in installments. You can choose how much and how often you want to split the repayments. If the whole amount of the order qualifies for free shipping but due to the 20% deposit the shipping cost will be charged, this shipping fee will be reduced on the PayPal invoice sent to you manually.
  5. The price at the time of your order is final. No further discounts may be applied. No other discount codes may be used with your Layby.
  6. Your balance is payable within 90 days of the date the invoice is raised.
  7. All goods will be dispatched when the invoice is paid in full. Partial dispatch is not available. 
  8. Please note that Layby is only available for orders worth at least $200AUD which will result in an instant payment of $40AUD.
  9. You can add to your existing Layby order by placing another order using the code “ADDTOLAYBY”. Do NOT choose LOCAL PICK UP when placing an ADDTOLAYBY order. We will only cancel this order as LOCAL PICK UP cannot be combined with any other orders. We will send you an updated PayPal Invoice refunding shipping charges where applicable. Please note, that the due date (90 days from the original invoice date) will not change.
  10. To be able to offer this LAYBY service admin needs to be minimised. As a result it is the customers responsibility to pay off the outstanding amount in time before the due date. There will only be one notification reminder sent on the due day in which you will have 7 days to finalise your Layby or it will be automatically cancelled. Any monies paid will be returned minus the $20 cancellation fee.
  11. If you are a Rewards customer, points are allocated when the layby is paid in full. It is the customer's responsibility to get in contact with us via email to to let us know the layby has been paid in full and to adjust points accordingly. 
  12. Rewards vouchers cannot be used to pay off a Layby. You can however, earn rewards once the Layby has been paid in full. 

These terms & conditions are in addition to any other store policies, please also see our standard Terms of Service, Return Policy, Shipping Policy.

This Layby Policy is in line with the ACCC guidelines, please see here.