Bri's Pick of the Month this March

Bri's Pick of the Month this March

Bri's Pick of the Month this March

It’s March already, can you believe that? We sat down with Bri to have a look for a couple of gems to feature for this month’s Pick of the Month. There's one or two you may have heard of before (and have been waiting for on pre-order ;-) ) and there’s also a special bundle we put together exclusively for pick for the month this time.

Bri's Pick of the Month | March

Bri’s March picks 

Bri's Pick of the Month | March

Bri’s March picks are:

Chameleon Reader Set

An incredible audio system that is compatible with all of your favourite books. Chameleon reader has been a hit since the day we’ve introduced it. You’re lucky to see it available to ship right away as it sells out so fast and can be often seen on pre-order. Make sure you get in quick. We are confident it will blow your socks off!

Bri's Pick of the Month

What is Chameleon? Chameleon reader is a special pen with a speaker and a series of small stickers. Add stickers to your books and record voice directly to the pen. This allows kids to scan the stickers as they read and hear your voice (or any other voice for that matter, such as grandparents, parents who work shift work or multiple languages for multilingual kids). 

Capture grandparents voices to create timeless memories for generations to come.

Younger kids will be able to read ‘independently’ this way, older kids can join-in recording their own voice and practicing foreign languages.

Chameleon Reader Set

You can also add music to the stickers, taking your reading experience to a completely new level. Chameleon reader is a revolutionary product that brings back the love for reading.

We’ve also seen the stickers being used beyond the books. You can stick them on objects around the house to learn new words and foreign languages. Get a Chameleon pen in hand and start the treasure hunt for the stickers. So fun!

Town Summerville Mini by Lubulona

Lubulona is a fairly new addition to our shop. It’s a fantastic wooden toys that allows you to become a small world architect. Lubulona toys are ethically made using eco-friendly and high quality materials. They are both fun to play with and they look beautiful as a part of your play space set up.

Bri's pick of the month | March

Did you know that construction toys promote spatial awareness and mathematical understandings? In addition to that symbolic play can be beneficial for children’s ability to empathise with others. Lubulona toys combines both of these types of play!

Bri's Pick of the Month | March

Town Summerville Mini is a great way to start with the Lubulona building. This educational and creative construction set is perfect for both boys and girls. It comes with two stackable houses with ladders, a toy car with wooden figure and a roof. We affectionately call it Lubu town.

Lubu Town inspires kids to be little architects and construct their own buildings and towns. It’s versatile, creative and very intuitive, allowing kids to choose how to play and with what to play.

Pick of the Month Bundle by Learn & Grow

A very special bundle created exclusively for the month of March. Learn & Grow are our resident brand designed and created by Bri (and her family) with an ocean of expertise behind her. Every new product by Learn & Grow is based on Bri’s knowledge of the toys that truly work their magic. 

Our Learn & Grow Pick of the Month Bundle includes:

  • Learn & Grow - Metal Rimmed Counting Chips
  • Learn & Grow - Magnetic Wand

Bri's Pick of the Month | March

The Magnetic Wand allows kids to discover which items will be attracted to the magnet and which items will remain unaffected. Whilst Metal Rimmed Counting Chips can be used with or without the Wand. They are rust proof making it perfect for any messy or sensory play!

Bri's Pick of the Month | March

Explore colour mixing, add them to your calm bottles, count, colour sort, create designs or add it to your light box. Metal Rimmed Counting Chips have been our top seller and an endless source of incredible feedback from parents and educators.

Wooden Mini Pattern Rolling Pins by EDX Education

Hooray to messy play! Hooray to play with dough, sand or clay! So fun, sensory and so satisfying. Let’s get our hands messy and develop some serious fine motor skills in the process.

These Wooden Mini Pattern Rolling Pins are perfect for the little hands. Holding them will help with developing hand to eye coordination which will prepare kids to hold a pencil, write, read and even problem solve.

Bri's Pick of the Month | March

You can create multiple designs while rolling the dough with these rolling pins. Make lines and shapes with them or learn how to apply different levels of pressure. All while having a sensory play and developing fine motor skills.

This is a wrap! Have lots of fun learning, playing and growing with the toys Bri picked for you. Tag @thecreativetoyshop in your snaps as we’d love to see.

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