Bri's April Pick of the Month

Bri's April Pick of the Month

Bri's April Pick of the Month

Welcome to the month of April. We hope you’ve had the most wonderful time over the Easter holidays.

Bri's Pick of the Month | April

We know that parents and carers have got their hands extra full during the school holidays. This is why Bri picked a few incredible educational toys this month! We’re excited to help you create play spaces that inspire.

Bri’s April picks

Bri's Pick of the Month | April

Bri’s April picks are:

Spot & Dot Markers by Caste & Kite

Are your kids bored with normal pencils and pens? It’s time to try something new. Let’s spice up your creative time with the innovative Castle & Kite Spot & Dot Marker Pack.

Castle & Kite - Spot & Dot Markers

These markers are designed with an easy grip, that is perfect for little hands. The large sponge tip is mess free (so no splash here). These markers are also washable and easy to clean.

Spot & Dot Markers are a great tool for developing fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination. It’s also a fantastic resource to learn and explore more about colour.

Castle & Kite - Spot & Dot Markers

Heading somewhere for holidays? Take these markers with you as they are handy on the road. They’ll help you to keep the kids occupied when you're out and about, for example before your mealtimes.

Fine Motor Skills Set by EDX Education

This colourful Fine Motor Skills Set has been everyone’s strong favourite since day one. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used in any sensory or fine motor skills play.

We suggest using it with rice, sand, water or our water beads. It’s also perfect for sorting shapes or any small items. It strengthens the hand muscles needed for writing as you play!

Fine Motor Skills Set by EDX Education

The Fine Motor Skills Set includes four of the finest tools conveniently packed together: Gator Grabber Tweezers, Handy Scoopers, Twisty Droppers, and Squeezy Tweezers.

- Gator Grabber Tweezers

Help the hungry gator to open and close his jaws around small objects. This fun activity will build the proper pincer grasp needed for holding a pencil.

- Handy Scoopers

Have a blast scooping water and watching it drain through the holes in each scoop. This builds the muscles used for scissor cutting.

Fine Motor Skills Set by EDX Education

- Twisty Droppers

Whether in the tub or at the water table, these droppers will have kids happily squeezing and squirting their way to a strong whole hand grasp.

- Squeezy Tweezers

These tweezers work the hand muscles just like regular tweezers. Big kid-friendly cups at the end make picking up small objects really fun and not frustrating at all.

Leaf Set Eco Cutter by Kinfolk & Co

Kinfolk & Co sustainable eco cutters will fill your home with hours of magic and marvel. These stunning Leaf Eco Cutters will bring nature into your dough play.

Dough play is an integral part of all children’s development. It helps to develop their own creativity, sensory learning and their fine motor-skills. These nature inspired and unique cutters will encourage your child's imagination.

Kinfolk & Co Eco Cutter - Leaf Set

Each piece is designed from recycled wood mill sawdust and plant-based biodegradable plastic. It’s brought to life in the home studio of a husband and wife team in Wollondilly Shire in NSW. These beautiful cutters are made in small batches so each piece has its own unique charm and character.

Geo Stampers by EDX Education

Brand new to our shop and already so popular! These stampers are seriously fun. Simply use solid and hollow shapes to create animals, print designs and patterns. Or even layer different shapes and use markers to create more elaborative details.

Edx Education - Geo Stampers

This is a perfect tool for learning about basic geometric concepts. It will help kids to recognize different shapes while exploring how shapes can be combined and separated.

It’s also a fantastic way to develop creative abilities in art, creative expression and innovative responses to problems.

Join your kids and take turns in creating characters or telling a story. It’s an exciting activity that stimulates young minds to advance their storytelling structure and imagination in ‘what happens next.’

Edx Education - Geo Stampers

And that’s a wrap for April! Have lots of fun playing and learning. Tag @thecreativetoyshop in your snaps as we’d love to see.

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