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What are the changes to the new Learn & Grow magnetic tiles ?

We've added even more magnets to our magnetic tiles so you can build bigger and better. This improvement allowed us to significantly improve building capabilities of our Learn & Grow tiles.

What tiles have improved?

Our Large Square and Car Base have improved. They both now feature even more magnets.

What are the improvements were made to the Large Square and why?

We had added more magnets throughout the Large Square to expand its building capabilities.

What are the improvements were made to the car base and why?

We have added a double row of magnets to the Car Base to create even more stable platform for your little ones creations. 

What else has improved?

Our tiles are now made with new stronger ABS plastic and an internal logo to create a flat and more scratch resistant tile.

How are Learn & Grow magnetic tiles different from the other magnetic tiles brands that are available on the market?

Our tiles have a different tile structure, including a stepped black lip which reduces scratches on the face of the tile. Also we’ve worked really hard to get a glass-like finish of the tiles.

Is the car base included with any of the sets?

Yes, the car base is included in our 110 tiles set.

Is there a storage bag included?

Yes, both of our sets come with a large storage bag for your tiles.

Is there a booklet with building ideas?

Yes, both sets come with our building suggestions booklet.

Are Learn & Grow magnetic tiles compatible with other major brands?

Our tiles are absolutely compatible with all the major brands of solid tiles. They'll work well with all your existing tiles brands of solid tiles. Please note that Magformers aren’t compatible with any solid magnetic tiles.

Can I see them in action? Can I see shapes and colours in real life?

Check our Learn & Grow Instagram highlights @thecreativetoyshop to see our tiles in action.

Are the tiles itself the same size as Connetix tiles?

The sizing of the tiles are the same. It’s a pretty standard sizing for the most brands so they will work well with your existing Magna-Tiles, Playmags, Connetix, Picasso tiles.

What colours are isosceles triangles?

The tiles come in the mix of colours in each box. isosceles triangles are tred, green, blue, yellow and purple ( the only colour that’s not included is orange).

Are the magnets just as strong as your competitors? We are looking to add more pieces to an existing collection.

We ensured that our magnets are really strong, so you could build really big and tall buildings without structures collapsing and frustrating little builders.

Are Learn & Grow less scratch resistant? We own a competitor brand and we get scratches all around the rim.

This is something that Josh worked really hard on. Our tiles have a little raised lip around the outside which makes them less likely to be scratched.

My 5 year old absolutely loves building. What age is old enough for this product?

Our tiles are a 3+ product. However magnetic tiles are incredibly versatile and useful for kids from the younger ages right up to 10 year old. Younger kids will require adult supervision while playing.

How many colours do they come in?

The tiles come in a mix in each box of the red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange.

Being such strong magnets are they well secured in tiles? Are they riveted?

Yes, this has been really important to us. They’ve been ultrasonically plastic welded and riveted to ensure that they hold together and not break. This stops magnets from being able to escape.

What age is recommended for magnetic tiles?

We recommend this product for kids of age 3+. Younger kids would require adult supervision.

Why did you make your own range?

We’ve decided to make our range so we coils secure out stock and have what we needed? But also we want to do something completely different and that is coming out very soon and our tiles go with those products. Watch this space.

How are Learn & Grow tiles different from Connetix tiles?

Our tiles have a different internal structure to Connetix tiles. We also have different colourings and our pack sizes are a completely different make.

Are you Australian owned?

Yes we are Australian family owned business. Learn & Grow is owned by me (Bri), my brother and my father.

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