Bri’s December Picks

Bri’s December Picks

Bri’s December Picks

Bri’s December Picks

Bri has picked four outstanding toys for you to pay attention to. These toys will inspire play and entertain your kids for hours. They will also help develop various skills through play. Let’s have a look at what they are.

Bri's December Pick of the month

Festive Season

December is here and we can feel it in the air. We love this time of the year so much. Still looking for the gift ideas? We’ve got you! Our Christmas Gift Guide Collection fully stocked with the most incredible educational toys. All you gotta do is pick one (or more).

December Line Up

Bri's December Pick of the Month

Here’s our December picks:

  1. Mini Silks by Sarah’s Silks
  2. DIY Calm Down Bottle by Jellystone
  3. Aussie Icons ABC by Hey Doodle
  4. Crystal Discovery Kit by Growing Kind

Mini Silks by Sarah’s Silks

If you are a frequent visitor to our shop you know that we love the versatility of Sarah’s Silks. We especially love mini silks as they are perfect for the little hands and small world play. 

Sarah's Silks Mini Silks

Mini silks can become absolutely anything, from using them in peek-a-boo games, to grass and ocean in a small world play, dress ups and even water play! 

Silk transforms its color, shape, and texture as it's dipped in the water and goes from dry to wet. This all makes play silks the most versatile and open ended toy imaginable.

Sarah's Silks Mini Silks

Here are some more ideas to play with them:

  • make a cape
  • tie a flag
  • as doll house rugs and blankets
  • peek-a-boo
  • green for grass
  • blue as a lake to sail a boat on
  • in a pot to stir as soup
  • dancing 
  • wrap a little present
  • water play.

DIY Calm Down Bottle by Jellystone

Calm down sensory bottles has been our constant top seller. With the Christmas holidays approaching we thought parents and educators would love more ideas for quiet play and calm down activities.

Jellystone - DIY Calm Down Bottle

These activities are the perfect distraction when kids are waiting for an art activity to be prepared, a messy play session being packed away or simply during travelling or any other quiet time.

Calm down sensory bottles have been used by parents, teachers and therapists to help children self-regulate their breathing, thoughts, and improve their focus. They are fantastic for kids who are easily overwhelmed or have difficulty self-regulating feelings and emotions. 

Jellystone - DIY Calm Down Bottle

Sensory bottles draw a kid’s focus away from a situation with ease. It’s also a very helpful tool in defusing a tantrum.

Aussie Icons ABC by Hey Doodle

Learning the abc by connecting them to favourite Aussie Icons? Yes please! Learning can be so much fun. Aussie Icons ABC features an element of colour, trace and seek to make it both fun and educational.

Hey Doodle - Aussie Icons ABC

Talk about where they are, where they came from, how they taste…Mmmmm. Trace the lower case, colour in the pictures and find the stars of the Australian flag hiding amongst it all. And then do it all again by simply washing off the colour.

These silicone mats are so easy to fold and unfold, making them a breeze to pack up and take wherever you go. You can store your mats and markers in the carry pouch which will take up very little room in your going out bag. It’s the most handy activity on the go!

Crystal Discovery Kit by Growing Kind

This Crystal Discovery Kit sold out straight away once we first introduced it a few weeks ago. This product is simply stunning. It’s created for young and curious minds that are drawn to crystals and precious gemstones. 

Growing Kind - Crystal Discovery Kit

Play ideas with the crystal kit are almost endless. From exploring the different types of stones, touching them, matching them to their pictures and names, sharing them, getting creative with them and so much more.

It comes with a beautiful identification poster and a canvas pouch for safe storage. Stones varieties are different in each kit which makes it even more unique.  

Growing Kind - Crystal Discovery Kit

This Crystal Discovery Kit is a perfect activity for promoting mindfulness and calm. It also makes such a beautiful gift (you could wrap it in Sarah's silks to make it even more exquisite).

Bri's Pick of the Month

And that’s a wrap for Bri's picks this December. Wishing you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Creative Toy Shop family. Don’t forget to tag @thecreativetoyshop so we can see your beautiful play spaces and fun play ideas.

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