An Iconic Toy Brand Has Arrived!

An Iconic Toy Brand Has Arrived!

An Iconic Toy Brand Has Arrived!

One of THE most incredible wooden toy brand's has arrived at the Creative Toy Shop. This is an iconic US family-based brand and we are beyond excited to finally have it land in our shop. 

Who is it you ask?

Only Uncle Goose!!



Uncle Goose has been making toys since forever, ok since 1983... but if you think of wooden ABC blocks, it is their classic design that will come to mind. 

What do we love about Uncle Goose?

Every wooden block is handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan using sustainable materials sourced from the Great Lakes. All of their designs and products are made in the USA. That is no mean feat these days! 

All of their inks are non-toxic, child safe and they are a socially and environmentally considerate company who make their products to last with an heirloom quality that is second to none. 


Their wooden blocks are seriously DIVINE and they not only come in ABC and 123 but constellations, planets, periodic table, and sight words!




Uncle Goose have become known worldwide for their classic designs and their language based wooden blocks, yes they come in Spanish, German, French and more. Let us know in the comments below, if you would be keen to see their language blocks at The Creative Toy Shop soon?

We hope you love this gorgeous iconic heirloom wooden toy brand as much as us! 

You can shop Uncle Goose toys here


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