Pebbles rock

Pebbles rock

Pebbles rock

If there is a simply perfect all-rounder in a toy world it’s a toy pebble. It looks good, it feels good to touch, and it creates endless possibilities for a play. Pebbles add texture and colour to the small world play your kids create: they can add them to a river, make a cave, present a stony landscape or build absolutely anything.

If you haven’t used pebbles before, we are telling you- it’ll rock your world. We are also excited to share a few of our favourite types of pebbles and ideas for the activities.

We’ve curated five types of pebbles for you:

  1. Colourful pebbles

There is nothing like a pop of colour Grimm’s way. Choose your favourite colour theme from Moss, River, Fire or limited-edition colours. Each set includes 4 gorgeous lime wood pebbles in different shades of the chosen colour. They are made with non-toxic water-based stain and look like a treasure.

  1. Clear pebbles

Clear pebbles are brand sparkling new to our selection. They come in a jar of 36 see-through rainbow colour pebbles and are perfect for any activity - from construction and counting, to developing fine motor skills or creative design.

  1. Activity pebbles

Activity pebbles include a jar of 36 earth tone pebbles which are a perfect match for playing, learning, developing or all at the same time. This set includes 3 different pebble shapes in 6 earthy colours. 

  1. Classroom pebbles

What can be more fun the pebbles in the classroom? Our classroom mega set is a seriously limitless 252 pebbles set in 6 sizes and colours. It also includes 47 activity cards, 3 spinners and comes in a sturdy storage container.

  1. Building pebbles

Our building pebbles includes two sets:

Both include 36 pebbles in 6 sizes and colours and activity cards for some added fun.

Here are a few of our all-time favourite activities:

Show me a colour

Great game for the littlest ones. You can adjust it for a different age by introducing various shades of one colour.

Place the pebbles in the containers with lids in front of the containers. Ask your kid to show you a specific colour pebble and place it on the lid. It’s totally fine (and fun) to make mistakes! Start with just a few colours at a time and gradually introduce more colours and shades.

Rock hunting

Hide the different colour pebbles it and let the kids find it. Play it with the clues and use many colours.   

Pebble tower

Build a cairn with a wide base, or a tall, narrow tower, with one pebble on top of another. You can pick all your pebbles, so they are the same colour, or mix in different ones to create a design.

While being super simple this game will teach kids a lot, for example:

  • Learn about constructing in three dimensions and consider how to adapt the design to get your construction to stay upright.
  • Encounter gravity!
  • Learn to concentrate. It’s good to have a task that requires to be quiet, think, and focus. Building towers is also calming.
  • Learn to create something beautiful. These are art installations in the making.

Sky is the limit to how kids can play with the pebbles. If you have ideas, please share them below in the comments and we would love to give it a go ourselves.


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