Things we love most about Maileg

Things we love most about Maileg

Things we love most about Maileg’s hard to adequately put into words the charm of this brand, it’s no surprise that it is taking the world by storm. Maybe it’s the whimsical charm that whisks us all back to a nostalgic time where childhood was so much slower and less complicated, or perhaps it’s the way that they are grouped into families making their lives a direct reflection of ours? Or possibly it’s the perfect texture, that allows them to gently nestle into the palms of our hands, yet be firm enough to be a willing puppet for all the adventures they are taken on and put through. Whatever it is, there’s no denying the whimsical charm that wins over the hearts of all those who experience Maileg, and the absolute joy that radiates from children young and old when they delve into this world of endearing mice and rabbits.

If I wanted to list in detail all the things that I love about Maileg we would be here forever. Instead, I thought that I would describe my top 5 things that I love (in no particular order)

1. Size

They fit as seamlessly into the hands of a toddler as they do into that of an older child. Large enough for all sorts of imaginative play, yet small enough to still be portable. Pockets, handbags, tiny suitcases, or even the boxes that they come in make it very easy to take along for car trips, to restaurants, holidays etc without ever being bulky or getting in the way (Tip, take a quick photo of what you are taking out with you to make sure nothing gets left behind.)

Their sizing has brilliant adaptability with other brands. Grimms, Hape, Tender Leaf, Learn and Grow and Duplo are just some of the brands that allow for perfectly scaled play, wonderful if you already own a lot of these brands! The Maileg furniture and accessories are adorable, but certainly, not a must-have in order for children to maximise the playability of the Maileg characters.

     Little girl holding Maileg mice in her top overalls pocket

    Girl playing with Maileg mice and furniture

    Maileg mouse in wooden orange Grimm's car

    Maileg mice with Grimms 1001 Arabian Nights block set

    Learn and Grow Magnetic tiles with Maileg mice family

    2. Relatability

    The characters have been created to directly reflect family structures and your collection can be built around that. There is a choice of different characters for every human age range, there are adults (grandparents, parents, chef, king, queen etc) children (big brother and sister) toddlers (little brother and sister) and babies (you can even get twins and triplets!)

    All the clothing is removable and interchangeable, and there are characters that children love and know such as kings and queens, dancers, race car drivers, fairy's etc.

     Maileg mice family with parents and kids

    Maileg mouse family

    Maileg mouse twins in matchbox bed

    Ballet Maileg Mouse

    3. Water Play

    Yes, you read that right, water play. With a bit of extra care and caution, your Maileg characters can be played with in water. My little ones love to play with them in the bathtub, and also love it when we use a little dish as a pool or the beach for one of their many adventures. Always make sure you only use clear water (ie no colouring) and steer clear of any sensory play things like slime and gloop.

    Always allow the Maileg to dry by gently removing the excess water by squeezing in a towel, and leaving it somewhere warm to dry otherwise you might encounter mould if they are left wet. They are also machine washable, I always put them into a delicates bag, on a 30degree wash, with a low spin.

     Maileg mice in pool with water slide

    Kids playing with Maileg Mice in water play

     Little girl washing her Maileg mice with joy on her face

     Maileg mouse being washed and dried with miniature towel

    Drying out Maileg Mouse after water play

    4. Quality

    You really do get what you pay for with this brand. The materials of the characters are soft and lightweight without being delicate and flimsy and will withstand years of play without any fear of wear, tear or damage. Even the little boxes themselves that they come in are a very rigid and sturdy cardboard that can be played with over and over again.

    The furniture is no different, the materials are of the highest quality and the workmanship impeccable. No matter how enthusiastic or boisterous the children may be, I don’t need to worry about these pieces being broken or ruined. This of course lends itself to being heirloom toys, when you invest in Maileg you can rest assured that they are toys that can be handed down for generations to come.

    Maileg mouse with high quality furniture

    Maileg mouse with high quality furniture in a doll house

    Maileg mouse with high quality furniture

    Maileg mouse with high quality furniture

    5. The Joy

    I’ve tried to keep this list mostly practical, but I couldn’t wrap up this blog without saying that the thing I probably love the most is the joy it brings to all my children, the way their eyes light up when they meet their new Maileg for the first time, the way their imaginations soar, and their giggles fill up the room as they journey into countless experiences and places within the worlds they create with Maileg. It’s so beautiful to watch how connected and invested they are in the characters.  How they love them and treasure them, and all the beautiful memories that they are making which they will carry with them always. I know they (and I) will always reflect back fondly on their Maileg journey long after they have been retired to a shelf, passed on, or tucked away in a special memory box.

    Joy in child's face with maileg mouse

    Child smiling playing with Maileg mice and wooden barn and horses

    Child smiling holding two Maileg mouse

    Words and stunning photography by Luca Edwards. You can follow her on Instagram here - Life by Luca Photography or check out her website here

    If you would like to start your Maileg journey, our new Maileg Subscription box is a wonderful way to explore and be introduced to this incredible brand of toys. 

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