Back to School Vouchers 2023

Back to School Vouchers 2023

Back to School Vouchers 2023

This year for all NSW residents, the government is offering Back to School vouchers worth $150 for all school children from Kindergarten to Year 12 (including students who are home-schooled or enrolled in year 10 or year 12 equivalent qualifications at TAFE NSW).

You can register for these vouchers via your Service NSW app or via the Service NSW website. 

From Monday 9th January, you can redeem your Service NSW vouchers at The Creative Toy Shop to shop our Back to School Collection

We thought we would add more details about the Back to School vouchers here, so you can understand how it will work. 

All items in our Back to School collection are eligible for use with your Back to School voucher.

Only this Back to School collection can be used for your Service NSW vouchers. 

Please do not add additional toys or other items to your order or email to ask to combine orders. We are unable to combine orders. 

We can only accept Back to School items from this collection when using the Service NSW vouchers. 

Shopping online? 

Use the following codes at checkout from Monday 9th January 2023:

$50 voucher: BTS23$50

$100 voucher: BTS23$100

$150 voucher: BTS23$150

Please leave your voucher codes in the comments section of your order.

For the $50 voucher, please leave 1 x $50 Service NSW code.

For the $100, please leave 2 x $50 Service NSW voucher codes. 

For $150 code, please  leave 3 x $50 Service NSW voucher codes. 

Once your codes have been processed and accepted with Service NSW, your order will be shipped.

Please allow 2 business days processing time before your order will ship out. 

Shopping instore? 

From Monday 9th January 2023, shop in store and show us your vouchers via the Service NSW app, bring in a print out or show your SMS code and we will process your order by scanning the QR code on your voucher. 

You can only use the vouchers to shop the Back to School range. 

Using your voucher/s - some examples

If your order is $48.00 and you use 1 x $50 voucher, you will not be reimbursed for the unused amount nor will it be carried forward ie you won't have a voucher worth $2.00. 

If your order is $62.00, you can use the 1 x $50 voucher and the make the additional $12 payment via your card or cash (if in store).

If your order is $98.00, you can use 2 x $50 vouchers and the unused $2.00 will not be reimbursed. 

The voucher once redeemed, cannot be used again. 


The Back to School vouchers cannot be used in exchange for cash, a gift voucher or a credit note.

Nor can they be redeemed in combination with any other Voucher issued by the NSW Government (e.g. Active Kids vouchers, Creative Kids vouchers, Before and After School Care vouchers)/

They must be redeemed by the person who applied for and received the Voucher/s.

Each voucher can be used separately, or multiple vouchers can be used in the same purchase. 

They are one time use only. 

If you need to exchange an item, you can only return & exchange it for an item in the same Back to School collection. 

Each voucher is valid until 30 June 2023. 

You can find more details about the Back to School voucher program at Service NSW

Shop our Back to School Collection below: 

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