Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks

Pretend play is the foundation for a creative and inspired life. The toys that encourage it don’t just nurture the creativity- they become a part of your children’s memories.

Sarah’s Silks are one of the most beautiful and magical toys your child can have! From dressing up and dancing, to carrying dolls, or even stirring a ‘soup’ in a pot- you will be amazed at the ways your kids will play with them.

Silk is a beautiful natural eco-friendly fiber, strong, fine and luxurious. Sarah’s Silks are dyed with non-toxic eco-friendly dyes and any additional materials used are also natural, such as wood, wool, and cotton. Hand wash and hang dry your silk and it will last, then when it’s time, it will return to earth without harm to the environment.

We's love to share with you our favourites:

  • Colourful Play Silks

The sky is the limit to what colourful play silks can become: a skirt, a veil, a cape, or a pirate's sword. It can be a landscape for toys and puppet play or add colour and beauty when draped over play frames or hung in windows. The only hard time you’ll have is choosing the colour you love- you’ll love them all: turquoise, sky or royal blue, rose, pink, gold, yellow, mint, red, orange, lime, emerald, brown, white, salmon or red violet. One will never be enough!

  • Enchanted Play Silks

Enchanted Play Silks are usually so loved that you may end up having a basket full of them. They become a water for a sailboat, fire on the floor to cook, a cape for a dress-up or a night sky placed above the scene. What will be? Chose from rainbow, fire, night sky or blossom!

  • Mini Play Silks

Small Play Silks are perfect for little hands. From rainbow, starry night and yellow to royal blue, red, purple and emerald.  Your kids will have big plans for them, and here’s just a few:

    • Doll house rugs and blankets
    • Peek-a-boo
    • Green for grass
    • Blue as a lake to sail a boat on
    • In a pot to stir as a soup
    • Dancing
    • Wrap for a little present.

    • Cherry Wood Play Clips

    Cherry Wood Play Clips are perfect for for building. They grab cloth, blankets and silk and anchor them to the hard surfaces to make it easy for kids to create play spaces. The clips fit nicely in a child’s hand while still having a strong grip. These babies are polished with beeswax and made in California.

    • Streamers

    Streamers encourage to play actively, increase their quality of movement and make anyone want to dance- including parents! Wave them in the wind, write letters in the air, pretend to fish and more. Choose from mini heart, rainbow or star.

    Have a fun play!


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