Let’s wobble

Let’s wobble

Let’s wobble

Wobble or balance boards are the bee’s knees right now and there is a good reason behind it. We ourselves have one in our HQ and most of us can’t help but wobble – trust us, you will wobble together with your kids on it too.

There is hardly any better way to stimulate balance and strength during a play. Kids will playfully reach their key developmental milestones while literally wobbling their way to a better coordination. The simple design keeps energetic kids engaged in creative play for hours.

You can rock or balance on it, push or spin it, flip it or slide on it. You can use it as a footstool or decide that it’s an elephant’s back and ride on it. It can be anything from a see-saw, boat and resting place to a doll's house or a car ramp.

There are a few brands out there offering balance boards and we’ve made our fair share of the research before selecting the favourite products we offer you, which is The Original Wobbel. However, we still get a lot of questions about why one brand is better than the other one, so we’ve put together a quick summary comparing two most popular brands: The Original Wobbel and Kinderfeets Kinderboard.

We’ve compared two boards based on a couple of main touch points you can always use when choosing a balance board for your kids (and yourself). We’ve looked at design, materials, country of manufacturing, age range, weight limit and size.

Design and materials

The Original Wobbel has a sleeker design with rounder edges and texture that is smooth to touch while still displaying the beautiful wood grain. It has an option of felt layer which is useful to prevent slipping, minimises the noise on the hard floors and acts as an extra sensory layer.

Kinderboard fulfils its purpose as a balance board, however its texture is much rougher to touch, it's edges are sharper and it does not offer felt layer option.

Country of manufacturing

The Original Wobbel is designed and made in Netherlands from sustainably harvested (FSC) European beech wood. It is finished with water-based varnish and EKO wool felt.

Kinderboard is designed in USA and made in China from imported FSC certified and sustainably sourced German beech wood. Finished with translucent water-based lacquer.

Age range

The Original Wobbel is recommended to use from birth to 99 years.

Kinderboard is recommends it for use from 18 month to 99 years.

Weight limit

The Original Wobbel has a weight limit of 200 kgs.

Kinderboard has a weight limit of 220 kgs.


The Original Wobbel is 83cm long, 30cm wide, the edges curve upward 22cm and the board is 2cm thick.

Kinderboard is 82cm long, 29.5cm wide, the edges curve upward 19cm and the board is 1.5cm thick


Based on the above characteristics we pick The Original Wobble as the balance board of our choice. We love its impeccable design, smooth texture, felt layer option and a little longer, thicker and wider size. Larger size comes in handy when you want to play on it with your child (or you want to use it yourself), and when your kids want to use it together with their friends.

We understand that price is obviously a significant factor when deciding on which board to choose. The Original Wobbel is a higher price point then Kinderboard, however in this case we are certain that the higher price is a reflection or higher quality, craftsmanship, ethically and locally sourced materials and a longer lifetime span (aka play) time as a result.

We really love the the limited edition Black With Black Felt, BWobbel XL with Felt and Wobbel Original Felt - Baby Mouse. Check out our awesome Wobble collection.

Wobble along!


These beautiful pictures are made by Sam Walker and Sanne Paul.

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