Bri's Pick of the Month

Bri's Pick of the Month

Bri's Pick of the Month

Hello there

Hello there. If you’re a regular here, you won’t need an intro. If you’re new, meet Brianna Shoker. She’s the face (and the mastermind) behind the brand of The Creative Toy Shop.

Brianna and Freddie

Bri founded The Creative Toys Shop over four years ago after the explosive success of her educational blog Notes From a Home Educator. Her blog gained huge popularity and credibility around the topics of special needs education, home education and learning through play.

Bri has a Bachelor of Primary Education degree. She also has a world of ‘hands on’ experience from working as an educator for four awesome Kennedy boys: Preston, Indy, Dash and Freddie Fantastic who has Down Syndrome. Read more.

Curated with care

Each and every product has been curated with care. Bri has an absolute ocean of knowledge. She knows almost everything about ‘learning for all abilities’, open ended play, imaginative play and more. She selects products for The Creative Toy Shop based on her own experience as an educator.  

Pick of the month

The amount of brands we showcase always grows. There’s a thought-through mix of new brands and everybody’s favourites. At times it can get tricky to notice some hidden gems in the sea of these goodies.

This is why we’re introducing the Pick of the Month feature. Bri will pick three-ish products each month for you to check out. This will help us showcase some real gems and explain why they made a cut to be in our shop.

September line up

We’re excited to share our favorite products with you. Don't forget to check-in and see what’s new each month. 

The Creative Toy Shop Pick of the Month

This September we’ve picked three nature-focused products. Each of them is amazing in its own way. Naturally.

Here’s our September line up:

  1. Book - Your Wild Imagination
  2. Junior Rainbow Pebbles FPC Eco-friendly material
  3. Just Blocks Wooden Blocks 

Book - Your Wild Imagination

You Wild Imagination - The Creative Toy Shop

This book, by Australian company Your Wild Booksis simply beautiful, practical, and easy to use as a guide to your nature play. It’s irresistible even for adults as it has incredibly inspiring ideas.

You Wild Imagination - The Creative Toy Shop

There are ideas for outdoor play, and also ways to bring nature indoors - perfect for those times when you're stuck inside.

This book has it all, from fabric printing, making mud cakes and magic potions, creating aliens and animals, and playing games.

You Wild Imagination - The Creative Toy Shop

We love the motto too: More green time. Less screen time.

Junior Rainbow Pebbles FPC Eco-friendly material 

Junior Rainbow Pebbles FPC Eco-friendly material - The Creative Toy Shop

The ever-popular pebbles by EDX Education became even better. These pebbles are good for nature too! They are made from compostable agricultural waste called FPC (Fibre Particulate Composite) which replaces plastic as the raw material.

Junior Rainbow Pebbles FPC Eco-friendly material
Pebbles are an irreplaceable element for open-ended play. You can use them for almost anything:

  • construction,
  • creative building,
  • early mathematics manipulative,
  • special design,
  • developing fine motor skills,
  • counting,
  • sorting,
  • creative designs and the list goes on and on.

EDX Education Eco Pebbles

Just Blocks

Just Blocks - The Creative Toy Shop

Our brand new arrival by Just Blocks is not to be missed! There are two types of packs:

These stunning wooden blocks are ecologically manufactured out of beech wood. They haven’t been chemically treated by preservatives, paints or oils.

Just Blocks - The Creative Toy Shop

Just Blocks are the gorgeous wooden product that can be used millions of ways.  Each pack includes four types of elements. 

Just Blocks are designed to enhance:

  • motor skills,
  • cognitive brain development,
  • manual dexterity skills,
  • hand-to-eye coordination,
  • help to exercise the hand and finger muscles and more.
It’s a fantastic open-ended resource that nurtures and encourages imagination.

Just Blocks - The Creative Toy Shop

We hope you’ve enjoyed our September picks. Have lots of fun playing. Tag us @thecreativetoyshop so we can see how you're playing with these awesome products.

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