Bri's Picks this October

Bri's Picks this October

Bri's Picks this October

Curated with care

We're always very excited to introduce to you new and amazing products. Each and every product we select for you is special in its own way. If you're a frequent visitor to our toy shop, make sure you check our 'New' collection to see what's brand spanking new in The Creative Toy Shop.

Pick of the month

This October Bri picked four outstanding products! These four cover a wide range of developmental skills: from fine and gross motor skills, and creative thinking, to problem solving and hand to eye coordination. Meet our October line up.

October line up

This month we've picked a mixture the brands that you already know and some fantastic newbies. All in all, these products are most definitely worth looking into.

Bri's Pick of the Month - October

Here’s our October line up:

  1. Medium Marble Sounding Tree by Magic Wood
  2. Medium Pikler Arch by Fox Wood and Co
  3. Full Flock 32 pieces set by Flockman
  4. 15 Piece Wooden Road Set by Wooden Toy Co

Medium Marble Sounding Tree by Magic Wood

Meet the Marble Tree beauty. Marble Sounding Tree is one of our top products on your wish lists. It consistently receives 5 star reviews which is truly impressive. Also, what a fantastic gift idea for Christmas as this stunning tree will be more than toy. It's a play space decoration in itself.

Marble Sounding Tree Magic Wood

Drop a marble and watch it weave through the leaves. As the marble runs, it creates a beautiful sound. This tree is fabulous for developing hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.

Made from eco-friendly timbers, natural plant dyes and finished with flax seed oil.

Marble Sounding Tree Magic Wood

Medium Pickler Arch by Fox Wood & Co

Inspire endless adventures while developing gross motor skills. Piklers are irresistibly good looking! They will also keep your little ones playing for hours.

This Pikler Medium Arch is a cornerstone of the entire set up. Use it on it's own or combine with other elements such as slide, ladder and different size arches to grow your set up.

Pikler Arch Medium Fox Wood & Co

Fox Wood & Co proudly design and make their products in Australia. Piklers are made from sustainably sourced 16mm BB Grade Hoop Pine sheets.

Full Flock 32 pieces set by Flockmen

Meet Full Flock by Flockmen. It's perfect to build incredible towers, bridges and monuments. Endless ways to build, learn, decorate and role play. Check out some of the ideas in here.

Full Flock by Flockmen

Flockmen is fantastic for families with babies! Each individual piece is designed to be impossible to swallow so it is very safe. It’s also extremely durable, and has an ability to withstand wear-and-tear, resist shock and splitting.

Flockmen storage bag

It comes with a portable storage bag made of natural linen to keep it safely stored when not in use. Includes an inspiration card: with ideas and resources for how to challenge yourself with Flockmen.

15 Piece Wooden Road Set by The Wooden Toy Co

Introducing a newbie to our brands line up- The Wooden Toy Co. A brand new Australian company founded in Victoria during the COVID shut downs.

15 Piece Wooden Road Set is one of our favourite products. Think along the lines of wooden version of Way To Pay roads. Made form sustainably sourced pine plywood.

The Wooden Toy Co - 15 Piece Wooden Road Set

This 15 Piece Wooden Road Set is a great tool for children in the transportation schema. Fantastic for problem solving and creative thinking.

It's easy to put together, using a jig-saw style connection. The road set doesn’t break apart when stood or knelt on. It's easy release when you lift the piece up, which means that there will be no frustration in play with the road fall away.

The Wooden Toy Co - 15 Piece Wooden Road Set

We hope you’ve enjoyed Bri's October picks. Have lots of fun playing. Tag us @thecreativetoyshop so we can see how you're playing with these awesome products.

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