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The Creative Toy Shop & Me

Notes From a Home Educator started in August 2015 on Instagram and over the past few years has exploded to a community of over 125,000 social media members! It was born from the desire to share our journey around special needs, home education & learn through play. My desire is to support parents & carers, through tips and ideas, that we have found successful along the way!
I’m Brianna and The Creative Toy Shop is my baby. The “we” I refer to are the Kennedy family and their four boys Freddie, Preston, Indy & Dash. I believe the Lord brought the Kennedy family and myself together almost 4 years ago. I was finishing my Bachelor of Education (Primary) with an outlook to working in the traditional school environment. It had always been on my heart to work in special education. I had a longing to work with children of all abilities including special needs. In my heart I truly believe in seeing the child, before seeing the diagnosis. I want to be able to meet the needs of each child without the limitations and constraints of working in a school environment. Cue, my career as an In Home Educator and, the birth of Notes From a Home Educator.

I work full time in the Kennedy home caring for, and educating four awesome boys, including Freddie Fantastic who has Down Syndrome. I am fulfilling my heart felt desires and this includes sharing our days with you!

Brianna nanny and educator

Now as an extension of our social media we have this website, home of…“Play based learning for all abilities”.
Everything we do has been well planned to cater to children of all abilities, from the toys we choose, to the activity guides and resources. As we continue to learn and grow we will be expanding all areas of what we have to offer, so please fell free to contact us if you have an area you’d like featured. We look forward to enjoying this next chapter and all it has to offer with you.