Why we created GROW

Why we created GROW

Why we created GROW

Brianna founded The Creative Toy Shop out of her passion for inclusive play-based learning. After graduating with a bachelors degree in primary education planning to work in schools, but the plan evolved into the desire to work with children with all abilities, including special needs. This journey brought her to work outside of the school system with a growing family.

While working for a family and caring for four awesome boys, including Freddie Fantastic who has Down Syndrome, Notes from a home educator blog was born which eventually grew into The Creative Toy Shop that we know and love today. 

Founded in 2015, this became a community of over 118 000 people. As Bri and the team remain passionate about supporting parents and carers through tips and ideas, they have found success along the way, carefully curating brands and products before introducing them to you.

The Creative Toy Shop also curates PLAY subscription boxes based on new and exciting themes each month with all the products complementing each other, a popular way of keeping toy collections updated with top quality educational toys.

A brand new chapter has opened with the arrival of GROW, planned, written and dreamed up with you in mind.

GROW is an educational resource that will make you jump for joy (sometimes literally… watch this space). Each resource includes flash cards, instruction cards, and a poster. Don’t be tricked by the simplicity of it - this is a powerful tool to guide you through multiple experiences and adventures while developing skills, for all age and abilities. Each month introduces a new theme, giving you the flexibility to build and customise your own collection based on your preferences and needs.


Adventure has already launched, with some more coming in the next month. There is no better way to learn than being out and about at the beach, park, forest (you name it) and engaging the senses by observing together what you can hear, see or feel? Mindfulness and gratitude in its finest, while developing a bunch of other very practical skills. When you come home, revisit the moments and memories with a beautiful wall poster.


GROW Adventure edition will help you create precious memories, while having fun and learning something new. It will encourage the development of descriptive language though questions and observations. It will guide you on the journey of a holistic approach to play, connecting children to concepts that will help kids navigating a big and beautiful life.

This month’s theme is Emotional Intelligence, ready with bold colours and new ideas for activities! Feelings can be a complicated part of development for little ones. Our GROW Emotional Intelligence resource is designed to help kids navigate and express their emotions in a constructive way. It will provide an opportunity for discussion and questioning around everyday feelings promoting discussion for children to recall memories of times that have made them feel happy, sad, proud etc.


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