The Worlds of Grapat

The Worlds of Grapat

The Worlds of Grapat

We can’t hide our love for Grapat toys. There is something very special about them - the colours, their oh so cute designs and the creative and imaginative play possibilities that these toys have for kids. 

It’s about time we tell you more about this Spanish brand so you can fall in love with them yourself (if you haven’t already). We also want to introduce to you some of the Grapat family members.

A few awesome facts about Grapat toymakers:

  • Grapat was founded in a small town of Catalonia by a husband and wife team, Casiana and Jordi. They both came from the world of advertising and theatre but were inspired by their two kids so they moved to the country to start their Grapat project!
  • Grapat is a very small family business with a slow production process. The raw materials, the dyes and the working conditions of everyone involved in the manufacturing process, are of paramount importance to them. Keep this in mind when you see some items out of stock.
  • Grapat toys are subject to nature. They say that their purple colour changes in tone depending if they paint with or without Tramuntana (typical local wind).
  • Each piece that passes through the production process is unique and is painted by hand. The ‘imperfections’ of wood are the characteristics that make each piece special and makes the material even more valuable.
  • Grapat creates toys without instructions because the simplicity of their design offers infinite possibilities. As their incredible timbers and natural materials are simple much like nature, it allows kids to develop creative and imaginative games, activities and unstructured play. 

There are a few mystical characters in Grapat collection. They all different and have their own names. Let us introduce you to the Grapat family!

  • Nins
    Pirates, fairies, or family members? They don’t have eyes, or gender so kids can decide which characters they are.
  • Baby Nins
    Babies! These little ones are smaller than the regular Nins. When combined with adult Nins, they can represent different generations adding an extra element to imaginative play.
  • Tomtens
    Tomten Nins are elves that remind us of a forest world where all magical creatures live.
  • Magos
    Magos are the wizards and magicians of the small worlds. Of course, they wear tall, flat-crowned, cylindrical hats.
  • Brots
    Brots are peg people who may be insects, robots, aliens or anyone else.
  • Palos
    Palos are also called sticks. They can be goblins, fantastic creatures, trees, animals, or anything else kids might imagine.

There are also plenty of other awesome Grapat designs such as houses, cups and coins. These loose parts become part of the process of creating many small worlds.

We’re currently have these little guys on our list of favourites list and current rotation in the shop: TomtensBrotsPalos and Baby Nins (how cute are they?)

Shop our Grapat collection here.

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