Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs Review

Reading Eggs Review

I am so excited to have the opportunity to review a product I love and we have been using since the beginning of our homeschooling journey.
Before we began homeschooling, we were on the hunt for a reading program that also included a digital aspect for Freddie to use on his iPad. ABC Reading Eggs checked all the boxes. We purchased the readers, workbook and a 12 month subscription to both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online.
Reading Eggs Book Packs (Readers)
For kindergarten we used Reading Eggs readers (which are print books you can buy to complement the program) in conjunction with our letter of the week program. Freddie loved the characters and quickly learnt to read and use AUSLAN to sign each book. The workbooks complemented both the Reading Eggs lessons, which Freddie completed on his iPad, and our own letter lesson. Each set of readers also comes with a sticker chart to track student progress.
 letter of the week
Now in year 1, 8-year-old Freddie’s reading age has been assessed as a 9-year-old. It has been wonderful to watch his reading develop and to see his love of reading blossom.
Freddie follows each word in the reader with his finger and will sign each word as he goes. He loves the animal characters in each story and can now read them to himself without assistance. He has been able to transfer those invaluable reading skills to picture books and levelled readers.
 reading eggs work book
Reading Eggs Online Program
The online program has been fantastic for both Freddie and Preston. There are 120 core reading lessons suitable for children aged 3–13. Spelling and comprehension lessons are also included, and we are looking forward to starting those in the near future. Each lesson also has optional printable worksheets to reinforce what has just been learnt.
 reading eggs
Freddie is so motivated by the “surprise egg” at the end of each lesson, that he will work until he discovers what is inside. He has now completed 45 lessons twice. I have reset his program to ensure that he has understood the concepts covered.  
Pres, on the other hand, is very motivated by the certificates that can be printed at the completion of each map.
The boys are able to independently work on a lesson when I am feeding the baby or putting him to bed. I also find when the boys have free time with their iPads, they will often choose to play Reading Eggs. Pres has just started Mathseeds (suitable for ages 3–9) and he’s hooked. The different levels challenge him and have helped with many new maths concepts.
The program has helped with phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. As Freddie is non-verbal, I was concerned that he was reading the words but perhaps not comprehending them. The activities in Reading Eggs provide numerous ways to check understanding. Some of these include: building sentences, matching sentences to pictures and quick quizzes at the end of each map. Each reader also has questions at the end to help students demonstrate understanding.
We have been lucky enough to be gifted this year’s subscription for Freddie, and I am excited to see the advances Freddie will make this year.
Reading Eggs is currently offering an extended 5 week free trial. Try Reading Eggs with your little ones and see how it works for your family.
Reading Eggs have also just launched a new program for toddlers aged 2–4 years. Reading Eggs Junior looks fabulous and Indy is going to begin it this week. Keep an eye on our Instagram for more info.
Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you love about Reading Eggs.


  • We love our reading eggs! And yes R.E helped my girls to learn how to read – was a huge part! ❤️

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  • Good Reviews.

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