The World of Let Them Play Toys

The World of Let Them Play Toys

The World of Let Them Play Toys

We know that you grew fond of the incredible wooden Let Them Play Toys just as much as we did. We’ve introduced Let Them Play to you some time ago and it’s about time we peek behind the scenes of the brand, meet the founder and tell you the story of how it started. 

Let Them Play founder Julie is a super mum of four: Rhys, Amelia, Lewis and Henry. She has been an Early Childhood Educator for over 8 years and ran her Family Day Care based in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Let Them Play Founder Julie

Julie’s family home is surrounded by a natural creek, and lined with an abundance of trees. One day, after doing a prune of her Camphor trees, she looked at the branches and saw endless opportunities. This how Let Them Play vision was born. 

Nature is a vital part and a big inspiration for Let Them Play Toys. Julie is a self taught genius in the art of toy making. First she created toys and resources from wood collected from her home. Then she ventured into felting, creating beautiful textural balls and play mats from merino wool.  She even branched out into silk dying to create a range of Play Silks for her day care, however wood was and is her main love and passion.

Let Them Play Gems

Julie believes that open ended and natural resources are a beautiful way to inspire each child’s individuality. She stands firm against the modern throw away culture and aims to make a change. Wooden toys nurture imaginative play, connection to nature and can be passed down through the family with it’s warmth and character which can only increase. When no longer needed, they effortlessly become one with nature and break down in a beautiful life cycle. 

“I love to be thrifty and put less into our environment,'' says Julie. “Op Shops are another big source of materials and ideas for me. Let Them Play Toys focuses on sustainable materials, recycled treasures and materials provided from nature. We aim to be as close to zero footprint as possible.”

Let Them Play Brand is hard not to notice, their unique and quirky little Tree People are already easily recognised and has been a hit since launch. You can choose from Tree People Family of 5 or Tree People Family of 12. Each little person has its own style and character, just like nature intended. 

Let Them Play Tree People

And there is so much more to Let Them Play: from beautiful Wooden Gems, Rolling Pins and Hammers, to the newly launched Tree Creatures. Give it a try- we know you’ll love them. Check out our Let Them Play collection here.

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