Easy Sensory Bottles

Simple Sensory Bottles

We love to use sensory bottles as a quite, focusing activity. The boys love to watch the glitter float and the sparkles swirl. The boys are fascinated and this keeps them enthralled long enough to get a few jobs done.
Sensory jars are incredibly simple to make. All the supplies are easy to source and are inexpensive.
What you will need :
Suitable bottle
Glitter glue
Extra glitter and sparkles
Warm water
Jug for mixing and with a pouring spout
Choosing the right bottle is half the battle. We use plastic Voss water bottles and the painted label is quite easy peel off.
I use 20% glitter glue to 80% water. You can change this if you want a bottle with more or less movement.
The boys love to help measure out the glitter and add it to the warm water. They then choose extra glitter and sparkles. Whisk all the ingredients together and pour into the jar.
I add a bead of hot glue before putting the putting on the lid to make sure it stays on.
Once the glue has cooled your sensory bottle is ready to go!!