DIY Light Table

DIY Light Table

DIY Light Table

The lovely Alison from Yoga Pants and Pearls has writing this fantastic activity guide. 
About Alison
I'm Alison. I'm a twenty-six-year-old Special Education teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. I live in the Rockford area with my two babes, Emma Grace & Henry, & my hunky husband, John. I love Jesus, all things baby, finding & creating toddler activities, and anything I can cook in my crockpot (all the busy women said, "amen.") 
light table
Using the light table was one of my favorite centers as an early childhood teacher. Thought I could throw some things together to recreate the same idea as a light table and it was a success!
You guys, this project is stupid easy! All you need is a medium-sized plastic container and one string of white LED lights! We literally just took lights down from our porch so these weren't hard to find. My only suggestionwould be to find a container that is as flat as possible on the bottom. This makes it easier to do some of the activities. Also, our container has a frosted/opaque finish to it so you can't see the actual string of lights through it!
 I make it a point to unplug the lights when we are done so it doesn't get too hot! The LED lights really don't get very hot, I would really recommend them.
diy light table
diy light table

I wanted to put our light table in the teepee because it was darker in there, and also because it hid the cords from my very curious toddler!

light table instructions

So far we have done a few very simple activities with it.​

​I cut a few shapes out of some old, colored binder dividers and gave her some letter magnets too!

She went right ahead and started sorting the colours (see top image).

light table activities

We added some fun plastic cups for stacking and also worked on patience and sharing (which was not planned). We really love our makeshift light table and are excited to try some other activities. 

We plan to use some contact paper and tissue paper to make some window decorations and are also putting these magnatiles on Henry's birthday list!

Comment below with any other fun ideas for our light table!!​


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