Chemical Free Slime

Chemical Free Slime

Chemical Free Slime

I have always avoided most slime recipes as they contain borax. I was concerned the children would put it in their mouths. Instead, we use this very simple recipe using a fibre supplement called psyllium. It can be found in supplements such as Metamucil, but we always use pure psyllium husks. It is quite inexpensive as the recipe only requires a small quantity. It can be purchased in the health aisle of most grocery stores.
1 tablespoon psyllium husks
1 cup of water
Few drops of natural food colouring
Add all ingredients to a large microwave safe bowl. The cooking time will depend on your microwave. We start with 5 minutes on high, stir and then for another 2 minutes. The mix will thicken when stirred and pull together into large lumps. When the slime holds together it is ready. Allow it to cool before play.
 chemical free slime with stretch
The boys love this slime and will play for a long time squishing and moulding the slime.
 special needs sensory play
To store the slime, refrigerate it in a zip lock bag. If it is not refrigerated the slime will go mouldy and smell. We made this mistake, leaving it in a cupboard for several weeks and it was not a good outcome!
- Let the mix soak for 5-10 mins before cooking the end result is more elastic.
- Use a large microwave safe dish as mix will rise significantly.
- To clean dish let soak for 10 mins and then rinse. 
The slime is inexpensive, easy to make and the best part, it is completely chemical free!!!


  • Thank you so much sharing this information. it was really very helpful.the blog has lot of creative ideas.please keep sharing your thoughts more.for more information on slime shops visit slime shops

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  • Hello, I love the idea of non-toxic slime. Thanks for sharing. I have question. Is microwave a must? Can we use oven instead? I don’t have any microwave.

    Tuba on

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