5 Reasons Why You'll Love Djeco Pomea Dolls

5 Reasons Why You'll Love Djeco Pomea Dolls

5 Reasons Why You'll Love Djeco Pomea Dolls

We fell in love with the Djeco Pomea doll range at the 2022 Australian Toy Association trade fair and we just had to have this beautiful yet affordable doll range in store.

One of our brand reps, Luca from @lifebylucaphotography has has recently taken photos of our Pomea dolls and she shares with us, just why her kids love these dolls.

My youngest 3 children adore doll play, and we have no less than 2 dozen different dolls, but our Pomea dolls has quickly become cherished companions adorned with constant love and tenderness – it’s so sweet to see. 

The reasons I think they are so well loved are:

  1. Size: they have been perfectly crafted for tiny hands. Their ideal size seems to mirror the proportions of an adult and a baby.
  2. Eyes: the beautiful eyes that tenderly open and close create empathy and invite endless role playing adventures.
  3. Material: soft as a cloud & perfect for warm hugs and endless cuddles, the flexibility of the way their joints are attached makes carrying and positioning easy. They are the perfect partners in play for toddler sized kiddies.
  4. Durability: these dolls withstand the trials of even the most exuberant toddlers. They endure tumbles, tantrums, and even muddy escapades. These dolls embrace life's messiness, and join the kids for bath time fun, the dirt melts away from the fabric and their quick-drying nature ensures that bedtime hugs are never delayed.
  5. High-quality accessories: they are so sweet and endearing and let the toddlers mirror all the acts of parenting, gently rocking them to sleep, baby wearing and even changing nappies and dressing up.

My twins even act like the funniest old married couple when they are playing with their dolls, pretend play brings out such humour, empathy and communication. 

My children adore Pomea dolls and I hope your children will too! 

Toddler putting djeco pomea doll into stroller in playroom
Pomea doll sitting in stroller with child holding doll's hand
Toddler kissing pomea doll on head as it sits in a bassinet
Toddler changing nappy on Djeco Pomea doll
Pomea doll sitting on a potty with toddler holding towel
Toddler sitting next to pomea doll with potty in foreground
Twin toddlers playing with pomea dolls and accessories in playroom
Twins one baby wearing a Pomea doll and the other holding a bassinet with a doll inside

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