Home Schooling

Did you know that Brianna was homeschooled as a child?

Her first teaching job once she completed her degree was to homeschool the Kennedy family with Freddie Fantastic, as it had always been in her heart to work in special needs education.

It was also where she started her blog and Instagram account Notes from a Home Educator and The Creative Toy Shop was born from these early days of home schooling the Kennedy family.

Are you a home educator?  

Email a screenshot of the order/products required to hello@thecreativetoyshop.com.au and we will follow up with you about setting up a Home Schooling account. 

Please be aware that there are administrative fees for this service and shipping costs.

For orders under $200, there is a $30 admin fee and for orders over $200, there is a $10 admin fee. 

Shipping is charged based on weight.

We have a special discount code available for Home School educators, please email us at hello@thecreativetoyshop.com.au so we can add your email to the code.