FAQS - CollectA Animal Themed Boxes

For the first time ever, we are offering Animal Themed CollectA boxes - Ocean & Ice, Farm, Wild and Prehistoric.

We know that many of our customers want to continue collecting animals of a particular theme and now you can! 

These subscriptions will be on a one year cycle and repeat every year. 

What is a one year cycle?

This means that we send out the same animals every January, February and March etc.

It means you can collect animals of a particular theme for a whole year i.e. 12 months of Farm animals!

Or subscribe for just a few months, if you wish to build up animals of a particular theme. 

What is the price of the new Animal Themed boxes?

​These will also be $34.99 for Australian residents and $46.99 for our International customers. 

Will the original CollectA Subscription box stay?

We will continue our regular CollectA subscription with surprise themes' and animals! 

This box will continue to work well for our long time customers who want to continue to collect new animals across new themes. 

I want to pause or cancel my CollectA Subscription box due to the price increase.

We understand!

Kindly go log into your account and once logged in with your email and password you can Pause, Skip or Cancel your subscription.

If it says you do not have an account, you may have checked out as a guest. You just need to create an account and once that is completed, you can cancel/amend your subscription.
Can I swap my original CollectA Subscription to one of the new Animal Themed boxes?
Yes, you can.
The quickest and easiest way is to cancel your existing subscription and create a new order for the Animal themed box.
When do these changes take place?

​As of February 1st, the new prices will take effect and the new Animal Themed Boxes will become available. 

When will payment occur?

We will run the same payment cycle as always, taking payment from 1st until 4th of each month with shipping from 5th of the month.

We hope we have answered all your questions, but please drop us an email if you have any other queries, and we will assist you further.