Down Syndrome Awareness Month

 October is Down syndrome awareness month and we are celebrating people with Down syndrome and their abilities.
Freddie is 7 years old. He loves Toy Story, going to the park, swimming lessons and playing with his brothers. Freddie also happens to have Down syndrome. It does not define Freddie, but is part of what makes him special. Knowing Freddie has given me so much and I count myself privileged to be part of his life.
One of Freddie’s favorite activities(it wasn’t always a favorite) is rainbow rice sensory play. When I first introduced Freddie to sensory play I didn’t know a lot about the materials to use or how to present each experience. We began with a plain tub of white rice, it wasn’t fancy, but it was a start. I was excited and prepared for a great mess. Instead Freddie refused to touch the rice, something I had not planned on happening. I was a little disheartened but we pushed on. Our second sensory tub resulted in one finger going into the tub and then quick refusal of any more contact. Preston , Freddie’s younger brother, and I played for about 15 minutes and modeled different play ideas.
It took months. We coloured our rice, added plastic insects and animals, and brought the tub out for a few minutes at regular intervals. Slowly Fred became more comfortable and more interested. He now loves sensory rice tubs and, we have branched out into using other materials. “Slow and steady” is a great motto.
Help us celebrate and share your rainbow rice sensory play using the hashtag #freddiesfavorites on Instagram and Facebook.
To celebrate Down synodrome awareness month, we have put together a collection of some of Freddie’s favorite products and they will be 10% off for the month of October.
down syndrome awareness month