Inspired by wood

Inspired by wood

Inspired by wood

Let us start with saying that we think that wood is simply beautiful. We’re obsessed with seeing natural wooden markings on our products because there is something incredibly special in the marks made by nature itself and the changing structures of wood grain.

When you see a natural mark on the wooden product know that it's not a fault- you’ve just discovered a treasure that is absolutely unique. There are no two pieces of wood that are exactly the same and that’s the charm. Woden toys are always better the plastic toys and below are just a few reasons why to choose wood over other materials.

Wood is a natural material. It smells good, it tastes good and it’s safe to play with at any age. It binds any humidity due to its porous fibre structure. Dry wood creates a surface on which bacteria can’t grow and it makes it safe for any teething toys, beads and graspers. To clean wooden toys simply wipe them with damp cloth and dry after. No need for submerging them in water or using any disinfectants.

Wood grain is unique and there are no two surfaces which are exactly alike. Each wooden piece tells its own a story and carries its own unique markings. Markings on the wood are a sign of its quality and not a fault.

Since wood is a natural material it can be recycled back into nature without any harm for the planet. We’ve selected the brands such as Grimm’s, Grapat, Ostheimer and many more, which use only wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Wood is an incredibly durable material. Good quality wooden toys can be passed down with generations. Wood gets refined with time and it tells the story. Think about family generations growing up with the same few favourite wooden toys. The sentimental value of this kind of toys is priceless.

Wood feels warm and good to hold in your hands. It’s distinct surface and weight makes it perfect sensory material. Music and rhythm toys made out of wood have a warm and beautiful sound.
Wood looks beautiful with or without the colour so it’s entirely up to you what you like better. Natural wood has a tendency to calm down, and colourful wood – to energise you and your little humans. We only work with brands that use water based nontoxic dies.

Wood reminds to us that the beauty is in the imperfection and that we are all uniquely beautiful ourselves. Check out a few of our favourites: Grimm's Large Natural RainbowOstheimer house, Grimm's Wooden Heart Grasping Toy, Original Wobbel Board.

These beautiful pictures are made by Sam Walker and Gemma Leigh.

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