Do your kids want to be Ninja Warriors?

Do your kids want to be Ninja Warriors?

Do your kids want to be Ninja Warriors?

It is that time of the year again when Ninja Warrior fever hits as the newest season is about to hit our screens! This series has been filmed in Melbourne and has a new format. I am super excited to watch and find out who will be crowned the next ‘Australian Ninja Warrior!’ 

And this year your kids can be junior ‘Ninja Warriors’ at home with one of the coolest toy brands to hit our shelves…Slackers! Your kids can now perfect their parkour and ninja moves with this awesome set of outdoor play gear.


One of our favourite products in the range is the Intro Kit with 7 x Hanging Obstacles.  The kit allows you to increase the complexity of the Ninja Warrior course, by moving the obstacles further apart as your child hones their skills. 

In the kit you receive: 3 x 10" nylon rope knots, 2 x 16" Monkey Bar Holds made of birchwood, 2 x steel gym Rings with ABS textured grip, storage bag and 30’ x 2” slacklines that can hold over 2700kg (6000lbs)!




The kit is super easy to install which means you can set it up in the backyard, in a park, at the grandparents or wherever your kids want to be Ninja Warriors.

Once your kids have honed their skills and are becoming fully fledged ‘Junior Ninja Warriors’ you can add to the intro kit with our Ninja NetClimbing ladder, and Climbing rope

These additional pieces of equipment can also be used on their own. If you aren’t sure if your kids will like a whole obstacle course, you can grab just one of the add on pieces like the Ninja Net or Climbing ladder instead.






We love this new range as it gets kids outside, having fun, getting active and using their gross motor skills. 

We would love to see how you create your own Ninja Warrior obstacle course at home with our new Slackers range, comment below to let us know.

See you at the top of Mount Midoriyama come July!

NB: Ages 5+, Max weight 110kg; Adult supervision required.

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